Lost my first post…sigh

So, I’ll try again.

As I said, I love writing but this forum is a bit intimidating. I’m used to a pen and paper but have got on to emailing. I am a bit stuck for something brilliant to say. Hmmm. I actually love writing and talking, too much according to my father and my teachers but what did they know and they’re all dead now anyway. So…

I have just finished my second YA novel, Kristina with a K. They say that writing is a lonely profession, but it is lonelier when it is finished. I miss my characters talking to me. Independent publishing (self-publishing sounds so vain) is hard work. I couldn’t begin to count the number of revisions and hours of tweaking. The file is now at the printers. I have skimmed 3 proofs and now will have to pay more if I make changes and want another chance to make it perfect … whatever …. at this point who is counting. I changed the margins and the font 3 times. This is not a money-making venture. They are waiting for the go ahead before printing only 100 copies. That way I can go into a second printing with any luck which sounds good. Kristina is now waiting at the entrance to the birth canal, soon to come into the light and meet the world. I feel like i have gone through a 2 year pregnancy and a long and painful delivery. I hope that people love her. I couldn’t bear my girl being rejected or worse, ignored. I, on the other hand, cannot look at the book once it is delivered. If I do, I ‘m sure to spot an error almost immediately, and then I will flog myself bloody for not catching it. Or I’ll want to re-phrase something but can’t because it’s now  carved in stone. So, don’t tell me if you see something wrong. On the other hand, if you love the book, couldn’t put it down etc. (as I was told about my first child, Ravi’s Revenge) then do let me know.

Sorry,  I know the rambling of a writer gets boring real quick ( I know that’s ungrammatical…it’s for effect). I promise to be more interesting tomorrow. Please make a comment and give me a spring board. Thanks.