The Art of Listening

Women have the reputation of being the talkers, but they also know how to listen. Watch two women in a tete-a-tete. One is talking and one is nodding with an intent expression, whether the conversation is about politics or diaper rash . Men, on the other hand, always have to prove they know everything before they are told, so after asking a question of a woman (a rare thing in itself), they then go on to list all possible answers without listening to the woman’s response. Or, they repeat loudly throughout her answer, “Um-hum, um-hum, um-hum,”drowning out the woman’s words and implying that they already knew all of it and are magnanimously bestowing their approval.

I know, I know, the above rant is a gross generalization and does not apply to all men. Over the last 50 years, I have known one or two who knew how to listen and learn from a female speaker.( I don’t think men react the same way to other men though.) What is the corresponding term for mysogenist? Malsogenist? I think i just invented a great new term… for women like me who rant about the shortcomings of men. Don’t accuse me of hating them though. I have been on a quest since i was 15 for my soulmate, the one withwhom I could live happily ever after. I am still looking and don’t intend to give up. There is hope. Eventually we all end up the same sex. Men get boobs, women get hairy chins and chest. The sexes merge or meld into old human beings who start listening to each other and empathizing (or appear to). Gee, I can hardly wait.

Author: hunterb1

I'm a bored retired teacher, wannabe writer. I publish independently novels for young adults... gritty cautionary tales,using my boundless knowledge of teen folly I observed helplessly as students, typical teenagers, I cared about ran aground from fooly-hardy behaviours and lack of foresight.

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