To Have or Not To Have Traditional Funerals

I just attended a big, traditional, Catholic funeral. It was heart-wrenching. The sobs of my daughter-in-law who has lost her mother brought tears to every eye.
My eyes are red and puffy from 3 protracted days attending the visitation and funeral. I have said that i don’t want to put my own children through the same type of ordeal. I want them to have me instantly cremated, not embalmed and sent to the cemetery where they can have a short memorial service, with a lovely youthful portrait of me smiling on, if any one is left to attend besides my immediate family. I want them to go on a cruise with the money saved and i will watch happily from above or wherever i am in spirit. But……….. am I right? Are the 3 days hovering around the lifeless form in the coffin necessary to ease the separation. I admit, I found it all cathartic. I want to do what is best for the younger generation left behind… so, you tell me……… You won’t like to consider this subject, but it will blind-side you one day, so you may as well start preparing psychologically. We all die, hopefully in the right order, except perhaps for my granddaughter who says that she won’t because she is not old, she’s “new”. I hope she won’t have nightmares after having peered into the deep dank hole that her dear La-La was lowered into before her wondering eyes. sigh.

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