who’s afraid of the dentist?

I am such a chicken when it comes to the dentist. I am most afraid of the needle although i must admit that it really doesn’t hurt much. However, i always expect that it will if i let down my armour of fear which holds me rigid in the chair feeling like a fool. That is the worst part, i think, feeling like a fool. I imagine that everyone else is brave or blaze about it. I remember the dentist asking my son how old he was when he appeared frightened and was only 10 years old. If looks could kill that dentist would have died on the spot with drill poised over my poor child’s quivering mouth. I think the next generation of dentists took mandatory psychology courses to learn about the damage done to the psyches of patients at their mercy, especially juveniles because my young dentist is very kind and patient. The best feeling is the elation when it is over. I usually treat myself to a coffee and muffin at Tims forgetting that it will trickle out of the side of my mouth and i will bite my frozen cheek and draw blood, I certainly hope i develop some guts before i face the really challenging times ahead. I am told that getting old is not for sissies and i definitely am one.

Author: hunterb1

I'm a bored retired teacher, wannabe writer. I publish independently novels for young adults... gritty cautionary tales,using my boundless knowledge of teen folly I observed helplessly as students, typical teenagers, I cared about ran aground from fooly-hardy behaviours and lack of foresight.

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