Is truth stranger than fiction???

People lie like rugs. That’s why when they are telling the truth, it is hard to believe them. I am speaking of men at the moment. I know i am generalizing, stereotyping, profiling etc. all those politically incorrect things we all do under the radar and a facade of propriety and open-mindedness.
I just lived through the strangest experience of my life. Here’s the story, and I’m sticking to it. A man I had been dating for over 3 years, a physician, suddenly contracted a life-threatening illness that he claimed was terminal, so he ended our relationship abruptly to spare me the gory details of his impending demise. For months i heard nothing from him while people incessantly asked me with brows knit in sympathy, “How’s ________”. I got sick of saying, “I don’t know” and then trying to answer the question, why, so it occurred to me that if i said, “He’s dead!” they’d stop asking and it worked… not entirely a lie because i thought he was after 4 months of silence and, after all, he was dead to me. Then, you guessed it, he reappeared… on my doorstep, miraculously recovered. The theories are swirling around him and me now. Just a couple: a) he had another girlfriend and got sick of her or dumped. b) his kids got to him when he was ill, afraid that i represented a threat to “their inheritance” etc. etc. I never was given an address or phone number of the alleged hospice that housed him after the sale of his house, only an old email address that was ignored but magically popped up in my inbox after his resurrection. So, is he now just looking for a place to rest his weary bones, mine being comfortable and familiar? Or, was his love for me sustained as he suffered in silence at a distance. Hmmm. I know. You are gasping, “How could she be so naive?” “Don’t take that con artist back!” But, but…. what if it is all true? Truth is, afterall, stranger than fiction!
ps. Now what do i tell everyone who thinks he’s dead?

Author: hunterb1

I'm a bored retired teacher, wannabe writer. I publish independently novels for young adults... gritty cautionary tales,using my boundless knowledge of teen folly I observed helplessly as students, typical teenagers, I cared about ran aground from fooly-hardy behaviours and lack of foresight.

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